Experience tea ceremony (Sencha) and Tofu lunch

Experience hand towle (Tenugui) and Tofu lunch(vegetarian diet)

Tour Introduction:

This tour includes an experience of stencil dyeing for Japanese hand towle, called Tenugui and Tofu lunch, vegetarian diet.
If you like Japanese crafts and garden, I recommend you this tour. This tour satisfies your expectations.

  • 1. Meet at your Hotel or Station
  • 2. Nanzenji Temple
  • 3. Tofu Lunch (Vegetarian Diet Meal)
  • 4. Experience of stencil dyeing for making Japanese towle (Tenugui)
  • 5. Traditional Japanese garden
  • 6. Tour End
  • ‘Tour Duration: 6 hours 10:00am - 4:00pm
  • ‘Tour Type: Experience, lunch and Walking *Minimum 2 people
  • ‘Tour Price: 28000 JPY (2 people)
  • ‘Tour Price: 36000 JPY (3 people)
  • ‘Tour Price: 40000`JPY (4 people`)
  • ‘Tour Inclusive: Guiding fee, dyeing towle(tenugui) experience, lunch(Tofu dishes)
  • ‘Tour Exclusive: Transportation, admissions
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Experience hand towle (Tenugui) and Tofu lunch, kyoto

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About payment

Every tour has different contents, so please check beforehand what is included. Payment shall be in Japanese yen on the tour day.
We will notify the cost estimate by e-mail after receiving your inquiry.

The tour day

The applicable hotels to pick you up are limited to the hotels between Higashi-oji-dori and Nishi-oji-dori (to the east and west), and Marutamachi-dori and Hachijo-dori(to the north and south).¨[Click!] The pick up hotels
In other cases, we will meet at train station or landmark.
We usually use public transportation. If applicants need a taxi or a hired car, an additional fee will be charged.

About cancellation

Please refrain from canceling without notice. If you cancel on the day, please make a full payment.
Please inform us of cancellations by 9:00 am on the previous day.
Please pay full cancellation after the tour starts.


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