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ガイド写真 Name: Kuniko (Nickname: Kuni)
Message: Hello, everyone! My name is Kuniko. I was born and raised in Kyoto, so I am a native Kyotoite.
Kyoto is very unique and interesting place because of the contrast of its own modern and traditional.
Kyoto has a wide variety of traditional cultures such as shrines, temples, maiko, and tea ceremony! And also, it has many World Heritage sites. I truly hope you have a memorable and fantastic trip in Kyoto.
ガイド写真 Name: 美知
Message: 大家好! 京都的吸引力可不少,連我們日本人都覺得去京都好像是在跨時代旅遊似的,是個特別好玩的地方。 我帶您去親身體驗京都特有的文化、美食等等。 咱們一起走走京都、欣賞京都,度過愉快的一天吧! 春天的櫻花、夏天的傳統節日、秋天的紅葉、冬天的雪景‧‧‧ 都不能錯過! 歡迎大家的光臨!!


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