We will show you hidden scenic spots in Kyoto.

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We provide some sightseeing spots tours in Kyoto for overseas tourists. It is our pleasure to let them know the beauty and the depth of our culture and tradition.
We offer special tours for the tourists who have visited to Kyoto several times as well as the first person for visiting to Kyoto.
A number of tourists coming to Kyoto visit a famous or time-honored temples and shrines. In addition to these sightseeing places, there are lots of cultural experiences such as tea ceremony, interesting spots and complicated paths slipping into an alley that no one knows. All of them have had their distinctive history and superstition since ancient time.
If you want to explore unforgettable trip and fantastic time in Kyoto, let us know immediately!

Individual tour

Our tours offer one guide for one group. We want to take good care of each visitor in a small group.
The number of the people of each tour is minimum 2 people.

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Hotel pick up

The applicable hotels to pick you up are limited. In other cases, we will meet at train station or landmark.
*The pick up hotels are located between Higashi-oji-dori and Nishi-oji-dori (to the east and west), and Marutamachi-dori and Hachijo-dori (to the north and south)
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Various tours

We have a variety of tours from famous sightseeing places such as Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu temple, Zen gardens to hidden corners and spots in Kyoto including some cultural experiences and the like. You will be able to access to the various aspects of Japanese culture in our offering tours. Let's discover the true Kyoto!

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Terms and Conditions

*About payment
Every tour has different contents, so please check beforehand what is included. Payment shall be in Japanese yen at the end of the tour day. We will notify the cost estimate by e-mail after receiving your inquiry. We usually use public transportation. If applicants need a taxi or a hired car, an additional fee will be charged.
*Personal information
As for dealing with your personal information, it is confidential. It will not be distributed to a third party.
NK Kyoto hidden-spot tour do not accept any liability for any losses, troubles, or damages to property, death or bodily injury or illness sustained in the course of the tour by NK Kyoto hidden-spot tour. We are not responsible for any losses, damages, injuries, and inconveniences when you have our service. The tours we provide are NOT covered by insurance, and would be participated at your own risk and act with self-responsibility. The walk might be changed due to availability of travel / weather conditions & unforeseen circumstances.
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