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Welcome to Kyoto !! Kyoto is representative of historical and cultural place in Japan.
It has been matured through the ages, and also has its own unique and rich culture.
That is why it has a wide variety of charms in Kyoto.
We, licensed guide, will take you to the hidden spots in Kyoto, where it is not generally known to people.
We will be happy to make your trip to Kyoto memorable and unforgettable.

Kyoto guide tours

Tea ceremony and lunch

Tea ceremony and lunch

Experience tea ceremony in temple.

Gion walk

Gion walk

Might meet maiko or geiko in Gion district.

Kyoto-style life

Kyoto-style life

Try a taste Kyotoites local food.

Custom-made tour (half day or 1 day)ース4 自由に組み合わせ

Custom-made tour (half day or 1 day)

We will make a tour plan based on your interests.


* we have guides for English and Chinese.

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