Questions and Answers

About reservation

How can I apply for the tour?

If you are interested in some tours, please send us the application form on each tour page.

Can I participate in the tour by myself?

We are sorry, but we do NOT offer the tours for one person. The number of the people in the tour is minimum 2 persons.


What is included in the tour?

It depends on the tours, please look at each page. After application, we will send you e-mail about details.

Do you have a discount price for child?

Yes, we have, but it depends on the tour. Please check our tour pages.

How to make a payment?

Please make a payment in cash (Japanese yen) on the tour day.
We are sorry for the inconvenience not to accept credit card, electronic payment and others.

The tour day

Where can we meet on the day?

The applicable hotels to pick you up are limited to the hotels between Higashi-oji-dori and Nishi-oji-dori (to the east and west), and Marutamachi-dori and Hachijo-dori(to the north and south).
In other cases, we will meet at train station or landmark.
If applicants need a taxi or a hired car, an additional fee will be charged.

Do you have a guide in other language?

We have English and Chinese - speaking guides.

What clothes can I wear on tour?

Our tours do a lot of walking, so please wear comfortable shoes and wear. In addition, tea ceremony can be participated in casual clothing.


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